Jim McFarland
Victoria visual artist

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fantastic advice on the Opus outdoor painting site, thanks Jim!
terri Rodstrom - 26 Apr 2013
I have recently moved to the island, and just joined the Coast collective. I began to paint with oils and then Watercolours. I am now discovering the joys of acrylic. I love nature as subject matter and enjoy plein air but can't begin to fathom doing acrylics away from the studio. I hope to be able to take your spring course on that topic. I greatly admire your art work and especially your bold colours. Lynne
Lynne Palser - 25 Nov 2012
Powerful ptg on the opening page of your website, Jim. High rock partially in shade. Awesome, Brother!
Ron Wilson - 21 Jun 2011
Your paintings are terrific, Jim. Looking forward to the next time I can catch them at an exhibit. Keep painting!
Colin Stewart - 21 Feb 2011
Wow! You've been busy Jim!! Love those crows! Teri
Teri Bennett - 20 Jun 2010
i like all of the work.
George McFarland - 1 May 2010
Love your work Jim. That's why I own three of your paintings. Lucky me!
Roberta Carleton - 19 Mar 2010
love the crows - can I adopt one?
Michelle Williams - 15 Mar 2010
Finally visited your site. Outstanding Jim. I like your style very much. I need to make it to one of your shows and see them in the real light. Feb 2010
Jim Thornton - 6 Feb 2010
Good work Jim!!! Good job at the Qualicum Paint-out too!
Ken Faulks - 26 Jul 2009
Hi Jim. Beautiful website -- what incredible talent. The landscapes and birds are my favourites--- coming to. one of your shows. Tom.
Tom Worth - 26 Jan 2009
'Saw your ptgs at Morris Gallery today. Way to go Jim.
ron wilson - 22 Jan 2009
Hi Jim Love your website and the wonderful paintings . I especially like your vibrant colors ....
Dorothy Jarvis - 9 Oct 2008
I have looked at all the paintings in your gallery. the reality of all your paintings are so are satisfying to look at, I particularly enjoy your landscapes, It was hard for me to decide on the landscapes, as I so enjoyed in looking at all catergory's of your art.
margaret cameron - 27 Sep 2008
i like your art work - your vibrant colours and your subject matter.
stuart pitt - 4 Sep 2008
These paintings blow me away! I wish I had one on my office wall. :)
Cathy Leahy - 18 Sep 2007
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